Superfast UK: the rising popularity of FTTP

Fibre-to-the-premises technology is experiencing something of a sea change in terms of popularity in the UK. Ultrafast broadband infrastructure is now a real focus for the country’s players and increasingly local authorities and Government, and a central part of this is proving to be the use of FTTP. Calls for higher levels of FTTP penetration are coming not just from those which have consistently expounded its virtues, particularly in the alternative network operator community, but also from players that have traditionally displayed less warmth towards the medium.

Although Openreach remains absolutely wedded to its FTTC and deployment approach with an ambition to bring technology to 10 million premises, the incumbent has also resurrected its FTTP credentials and aims to serve another two million premises with FTTP services expanding this base out from the 300,000 homes and businesses it currently passes. Meanwhile Virgin Media is making progress with Project Lightning aimed at adding four million premises to its footprint, of which it says around a quarter will be connected using FTTP technology.

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